Obesity Documentary: The Weight of the Nation and an interesting opposing view

In May 2012, HBO and the Institute of Medicine, is association with CDC, the National Institutes of Health, made in partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Kaiser Permanente produced The Weight of the Nation documentary series and public health campaign. It was a project that took three years to finish.  To say that it is a thorough and comprehensive look at the issue of obesity facing this country is a huge understatement.

There are several components to the multi-media campaign but the anchor piece that is the foundation of the work is four feature films that delve into great detail at the seriousness and widespread problem obesity is having in this country and the many ways it affects all of us.  The obvious personal problems it causes as well as the effect on our health care system.  We strongly recommend you taking a look at these films as well as sharing it with your family and friends.

In a related matter, I read this article today by a gentlemen named Paul Campos called , “Anti-obesity: The new homophobia?” that was interesting to say the least, especially after seeing the information contained in these films.  The author of the article is suggesting that “Obesity” like “Homosexuality” are invented diseases by the medical establishment.  The net net of his argument is “Telling fat people they ought to be thin is about as helpful as telling gay people they should be straight.” Granted, as it relates to Homosexuality, the medical establishment and society in general have long held preconceived false notions that have by and large, long been dispelled (due largely in part to people becoming more educated on the topic in general.  His comparison seems to be a bit of apples to oranges.

Campos writes “Meanwhile, earlier this year a Harvard biology professor declared in a public lecture that Mrs. Obama’s call for voluntary lifestyle changes on the part of the obese constituted an insufficient response to the supposed public health calamity overwhelming the nation, and that the government should legally require fat people to exercise.”  “Supposed public health calamity”?   Clearly and as evidenced by the information in the aforementioned documentary, obesity brings with it a whole host of problems for the individual and the community the individual lives in.

Campos does not get into too much detail relative to his comments regarding conversion therapy or reparative therapy so I cannot speak to this.  I will say however that through the great experience of being a Team Beachbody coach, I know of and have met (and in many cases have personally helped) people who were obese and unhealthy to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.  You can also peruse the changing lives page of the reviews section of this site to read just a few of these testimonials.

What are your thoughts on the documentary series and or the article by Paul Campos?

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